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Purchasing Policy

  • AGE Requirements

To purchase a long gun, you must be at least 18 years or older per your State law. To purchase handguns, you must be at least 21 years of age.However, it is your responsibility to know and follow all your State laws regarding age requirements for the purchase of firearms.  See "Terms & Conditions".

  • Merchant Fees

Due to the ever increasing costs associated with Credit, Debit, and Rewards programs, it is virtually a nightmare to understand how much it will cost Red Hawk Outdoor Sports to absorb the related CC fees. Rather than mark-up our product pricing, we have opted to pass this cost back to the buyer at a rate of 2.5% which is below average.  If you do not wish to pay this fee, you can select the option to pay with a certified check or money order. This payment method will delay the shipment processing time but save you the CC fee. We leave the payment choice completely to your discretion.

Return Policy

We offer a 5-day return policy on all products except Firearms, NFA items, ammunition. These products cannot be returned. All other items/accessories/knives must be in their original packaging and without flaw. We will do our best to make your experience with us an easy and satisfying process.

ALL non-stocked (special order) item returns are subject to a restocking fee equivalent to the fee associated with the wholesaler from which the product was ordered by Red Hawk Outdoor Sports on the part of the consumer. As this fee varies, it is impractical for us to list the various fees.  The applicable fee will be assessed on your refund and will be equal to the wholesaler restocking fee.

Shipping Policy

Shipping is based on weight and distance and associated time to deliver based on geographical location.

When you checkout during purchase, please select the shipping method most suitable to your needs.

Most products take between 3 to 5 days to ship. Some make take longer due to product type or availability.

FFL Disclaimer

The purchase of any firearm must be sent to a FFL holding a current, up-to-date license within your state. Firearms purchased through this site cannot be shipped to a private party.

Customer agrees to terms and conditions as stated in this section and those published elsewhere on the Red Hawk Outdoor Sports website.

NFA Disclaimer

Absolutely no refunds on products classified as NFA such as silencers and short-barrel rifles. Customer agrees to pay balance in full prior to transfer to your Class III Licensee of choice. All  Class III products MUST be transfered to a actively licensed Class III dealer.  No NFA products will be sent directly to private parties.

Agreement to Hold Harmless

Customer agrees to conform to all Federal and State laws regarding the purchase and possession of firearms, firearm accessories, automatic and long-blade knives, and law enforcement products and to hold harmless Red Hawk Outdoor Sports from any incidents related to products purchased from or opinions offered by Red Hawk Outdoor Sports (CBTP LLC and Ozland LLC).

WAC Membership

WAC Membership benefits do not apply to firearms. WAC Nation members agree to hold harmless Red Hawk Outdoor Sports (Ozland LLC and CBTP LLC) from any activities, events, promises, promotions or anything else that directly conflicts with Red Hawk Outdoor Sports business model and/or reputation.