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Terms & Conditions

Due to the nature of some items that are sold, you must verify your age for the purchase of handgun components, long gun components, or ammunition.

By agreeing to our terms & conditions you are making the following declaration: Declaration of Buyer: "I acknowledge this dealer does not authorize that I may lawfully purchase, possess, carry or operate bows, crossbows, paint pistols, air pistols, air rifles, black powder items, or any other items which I may purchase, in accordance with my state and local laws. I understand the legality of the merchandise I am ordering and I declare that I am of legal age and have no other legal disabilities."

We DO NOT warranty that you may purchase or possess handgun components, long gun components, or ammunition according to state or local laws. By agreeing to the terms & conditions, you are stating that you are of legal age to purchase the components or ammunition. This certifies that you are an adult and under no legal disability as provided under 18 U.S.C 922D (1) - (7).

NOTE: We require you to be at least 21 years of age to purchase handguns and 18 years of age to purchase long guns or ammunition. In certain States, you MUST be 21 to purchase Long Guns and Ammunition.

BACKORDERS: For your security, we do not retain your credit card information after checkout. Due to this, all orders are paid for up-front and not when they ship; this includes in stock and out of stock items. If an item you order is out of stock, we will ship what is available. When the remaining item(s) become available, they will be shipped to you at no additional cost.

UNCLAIMED / LEFT-BEHIND PROPERTY: If you do not claim your property within 30 days, on day 31 (according to Wisconsin State Law) the unclaimed or left-behind products become the sole property of Red Hawk Outdoor Sports (Ozland LLC / CBTP LLC). We then reserve the right to place the products up for sale and retain 100% of the sells proceeds.

RIGHT TO CHANGE: Red Hawk Outdoor Sports retains the right to change pricing, products, and policies at anytime without notice or consent of the consumer.

WAC Nation Membership: Membership to WAC Nation does not legally bind Red Hawk Outdoor Sports (Ozland LLC CBTP LLC) to WAC Nation, it does not constitute or imply any partnership between Red Hawk Outdoor Sports and WAC Nation members or social media followers, nor does Red Hawk Outdoor Sports condone or tolerate inappropriate use of this website including, but not limited to, abuses of promotions and vulger language in testimonials.